My Daddy Loves Me!

Yes, Jesus loves me—the Bible tells me so!  You would often hear Jessica singing this throughout her day in her early years. She had an assurance of both her Daddy’s and her Savior’s love. But,


When a small child falls down, all they really need is to be picked up by Mommy or Daddy and soon everything is okay. Sometimes a smile or an affirming word of assurance, or just

What Are You Living For?

While observing ground zero on a mission's trip to New York City with my son Joey and two older daughters Krista and Nikki, along with our Church Youth Group, I was profoundly touched when gazing

Three Brides in Heaven

a family’s story of triumph Fall '04 issue of "Deeper" | A publication from Emmanual Christian Center in Spring Lake Park, MN written by Angie Halama It had been just three months since Debbie Mayer

Faith in the midst of sudden tragedy

This article was originally published on Jan 27, 2004 in the Northern Light Campus Newspaper at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. The photo of Deb & Joe speaking at at a benefit concert in

The Blessed Hope

The apostle Paul teaches of Jesus coming for His church in First Thessalonians 4 beginning with verse 13. He instructs us so we “Will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope.” We

The Colors of His love

"More About the Bride of Christ"Taken from “The colors of His love” by Dee Brestin & Kathy Troccloi  This was a devotional read at one of Bree’s wedding showers. It had a great impact

The Bride of Christ

The Bible compares the relationship of Jesus and His church to that of a Bride and Groom. We, the church of Jesus Christ are the Bride, and Jesus is the Bridegroom. John the Baptist in

Nikki’s Hope

I used to wonder what people would say about me when I died, but I never imagined I'd be hearing what people were saying about my daughters when they died. Parents are often the ones

One Time

Nikki loved to write the lyrics of her favorite songs and Bible verses that were special to her in her journals. When she was fourteen years old, like others her age, she went through a

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