March Perspective | It Is Finished


Do you ever feel like your struggles are unending? Like the treadmill of life is on repeat? Wondering if life will ever get better? If we don’t understand, receive and then embrace what Jesus accomplished

March Perspective | It Is Finished2018-07-01T13:05:36-07:00

February Perspective | Who Me?


Have you ever felt like you were not the one for the job? Like you wanted to give up before you even started? I have a feeling your answer is "yes." There are many possible

February Perspective | Who Me?2018-07-01T13:28:18-07:00

November Perspective | Purpose and Beauty


Fall has always been a favorite season of mine. I love the colors, cozy sweaters, invigorating hikes and  crunching of leaves beneath my feet. Joe and I set out on our fall sight-seeing adventure. Looking

November Perspective | Purpose and Beauty2018-07-01T13:48:04-07:00

October Perspective | Living the Process


I've read that the word process means a series of actions, changes, or functions which bring about a result. It could be the process of digestion, or the process of obtaining a driver's license. It could be the process

October Perspective | Living the Process2018-07-01T13:52:28-07:00

What are you living for?


In 2002 I went on a mission's trip to New York City with my son Joey and two daughters, Krista and Nikki, along with our Church Youth Group. I became profoundly aware of the unshakable Kingdom

What are you living for?2018-07-01T20:52:55-07:00
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