January Perspective|A Better Reality


CHRISTMAS 2002 Today is the day my three daughters’ lives came to an end on this earth. They were killed in a car accident on the way to participate in and celebrate their brother Joey's

January Perspective|A Better Reality2019-03-06T22:23:31-07:00

December Perspective | Advent Hope


Overwhelmed, I stare at the bare Christmas tree and the boxes on the floor. These boxes contain Christmas tree bulbs that my kids made with the words love, joy, and peace, along with, “what can

December Perspective | Advent Hope2018-12-05T12:57:43-07:00

November Perspective | Waves of Grief


So, you've walked out your grief journey as diligently and thoroughly as you possibly can. You've done the "grief" work. You've followed the instructions your grief group provided, along with the many

November Perspective | Waves of Grief2018-10-31T21:23:49-07:00
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