Debbie L. Mayer

Bringing an Eternal Perspective

Debbie L. Mayer, Speaker & Author of After the Crash, Grieving with Hope in Light of Eternity

Debbie L. Mayer, Speaker & Author of After the Crash, Grieving with Hope in Light of Eternity

Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you decided to check it out.

I know that individual stories are full of both joy and sorrow. Fortunately, God offers comfort through His great love and mercy in our times of need. I have witnessed and experienced the intersection of this joy and sorrow during the darkest times of my life and tell about it in my book, After the Crash – Grieving with Hope in Light of Eternity.   

There is power in sharing our stories. When hearing someone else’s story, we are better able to identify our own struggles and victories. Both hope and courage may be gained as we listen and learn from another’s experience. This is my goal in sharing my story with you.

I believe the key antidote for any broken heart or shattered dream is the love of God. I have learned that our understanding is limited, but our trusting in God’s love is limitless. My desire is that as you visit the pages of this website, read my book, watch a video, or listen to my music, you be inspired to embrace your own story.  My passion is to bring others into an eternal perspective with the redeeming power of God’s love in my story.



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After the Crash – Grieving With Hope in Light of Eternity

Most parents die before their children, but Debbie L. Mayer lost her three daughters in a car accident just two days before her son’s wedding which they were to be bridesmaids in. She shares with transparency and honesty the heartache, struggle, and victories along her journey of grief. You will see how no sorrow, loss, or disappointment can separate you from God’s great love in her captivating and inspirational book “After the Crash – Grieving With Hope in Light of Eternity”.



Gain an eternal perspective for your journey as you read Debbie’s Monthly Perspectives and Blog.
She shares from her heart insights and lessons learned along the way.


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