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“Victorious Heart”

Nikki Ann was a seventeen years-old senior at Irondale High School. She loved being involves and was the school’s National Honor Society secretary. Nikki was pursuing attendance at North Central University where she wanted to become a social worker. She loved working at ACR Homes caring for special needs women and had a desire to make an impact on the world around her by making the love of God known. She loved singing in the choir and a smaller singing group as well. In her free time, Nikki enjoyed doing service in the community and was also a strong supporter of local Christian alternative music, and enjoyed attending concerts. She was gentle, kind, sensitive, smart, and caring. Not only a deep thinker, Nikki loved to encourage people and was a patient and good listener. The warmth of her smile and laugh reflected the depth and beauty that was inside of her.

What Now?

From the Irondale Eye student newspaper, dated January 23rd, 2004

I know that Nikki Mayer would have wanted her sudden death to have lasting impact on those at Irondale. She would want us to hug more, smile more, and care more. She would want us to say “Hi” to someone we never talked to before, to live to our fullest potential, to care about those hardest to love. 

She would wish for the cliques to go away and people to walk down the hall and talk to people they don’t know. She would want us to quit being critical of those around us and the things they wear or whom the hang around with or what school activity they are involved in. She would wish for us to be a community. 

So, what do we do now? I challenge you to talk to someone you do not know, sit with someone in lunch you would have never sat with before, help someone who might need your help. Let’s make a difference for Nikki. 

– Anonymous Submission

Nikki’s Hope

This  song was written by two parents with input from Nikki’s fellow choir classmates at Irondale High School in memory of her, and sung at the end of year choir concert which was dedicated to her . (Go to blog Nikki’s Hope to read more.)


*words written by Michelle Westlund in memory of Nikki Mayer (1986 – 2004) Music composed by Jonathon Veenker for the 2003-2004 Irondale High School Concert Choir, Jason Etten, director

A life is not measured by the time, to the end of its days from the start
Instead a life can be measured by the depth and breadth of its heart;
and broad and deep was your life, now winged, taking flight.

A life that’s lived well and lived full knows not of the measure of time.
Long or short a life will inspire by its rhythm and soul and its rhyme.
And your life stuck a chord of a song that sings of a hope shining bright.

There is hope, there is hope in a life lived so right full of joy, full of song;
full of bright shining light; there is hope in the darkest of nights;
when you’re touched by a life lived so right.

For once we’ve seen, once we’ve heard, we can never forget for all time,
God’s love shining true in the eyes of one so bright and so kind.
And your life was a voice for the light that shines through the night.

There is hope, there is hope in a life lived so right full of joy, full of song;
full of bright shining light; there is hope in the darkest of nights;
we’ve been touched by a life lived so right.

A Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

See pictures, paintings and other artwork of Nikki’s from times throughout her life. 

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Selections of poetry, journal entries and lyrics written by and for Krista, Nikki and Jessica Mayer, along with lessons Debbie has learned along the way.


Nikki’s Hope

I used to wonder what people would say about me when I died, but I never imagined I'd be hearing what people were saying about my daughters when they died. Parents are often the ones

One Time

Nikki loved to write the lyrics of her favorite songs and Bible verses that were special to her in her journals. When she was fourteen years old, like others her age, she went through a