Blessed are the Poor in Spirit


Has anyone ever told you how amazing or strong you are? Inside, you're laughing (or maybe crying), because you know how just the opposite is true? You remember just yesterday when you were telling God

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit2020-01-30T15:38:33-07:00

What are you living for?


In 2002 I went on a mission's trip to New York City with my son Joey and two daughters, Krista and Nikki, along with our Church Youth Group. I became profoundly aware of the unshakable Kingdom

What are you living for?2018-07-01T20:52:55-07:00

In Clear View


Krista loved to write poems and songs. It was her way of processing and sorting her many thoughts, feelings, and struggles. She had a wide range of interests and talents, along with a carefree approach

In Clear View2019-04-08T15:21:25-07:00
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