A Friend Like No Other

We can learn from one another’s experiences and stories. Here’s a little peek into Nikki’s heart. A ninth-grader at the time, my daughter Nikki was facing some disappointments. In particular, the uncertainty of friendship. Like a lot of kids that age, she also went through a stage of questioning God to discover what life was all about. Like most of us, having a best friend meant a lot to Nikki. She longed for a friend like no other because although she had many friends, she learned rather quickly that people can let you down.

Nikki had an appreciation for words and became so excited when she found lyrics to songs, poems or scripture that expressed what she longed for or what was already in her heart. She loved to write these lyrics in her journals.


Nikki was a strong feeler and deep thinker. These two characteristics combined, made her a unique and thoughtful individual. She was easy-going and forgiving but discovered that alone could not help her overcome the disappointments of life and relationships.

For any of us, our personalities alone will not get us through hard times, no matter how wonderful or balanced they are. God designed us to need Him and desires to be a loving Father to each of us in a profoundly personal way. He wants to walk with us and if need be – carry us. Jesus is well acquainted with the paths each of us are traveling, along with the mountains we have to climb. He came to earth to live just as you and I and is acquainted with our struggles.


Nikki discovered that as she cried out to God, He listens like no other. He sees and even allows mountains (obstacles), in our lives so we will cry out to Him in desperation. God knows we are most fulfilled when He is number one. She found that He was always there and to be the faithful friend her heart had longed for. She was happy to discover that God would never let her down because He is a friend like no other.

Similarly, just as God did for Nikki, He will do for anyone who calls out to Him. He will pick you up, carry you and rest you on His shoulders (so to speak), and allow you to see your path clearly. But, as Nikki discovered, you have to cry out and ask Him for help.

We can only give out what comes from within. Over a three-year journey, Nikki became that accepting friend and listening ear she so longed for. She also discovered the only hope and peace that could hold her heart steady. As a result of her discovery, she was enabled her to model those same attributes in her own friendships.

Here is one of those songs that expressed so accurately what she had experienced with God. These are lyrics by Cool Hand Luke that she had jotted down in one of her journals during this time. If she were here, I believe she would invite you to know the Heavenly Father with this same intimacy described in this song. She learned that as she rested on His shoulders (figuratively speaking) she could see with a clearer AND a larger perspective. And of course, now – she can truly and eternally see for miles.

Penned neatly, and highlighted alongside the song was this scripture:  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).


Let me tell you what he did for me
with the weight of my worries tearing my sleeve
I cried to my father, the end of all hope,
“Show me the rope, which way to go”
As I fell asleep he took away my worries
He picked me up and put me on his shoulders

I could see for miles
He showed me that the mountain I’m climbing
Is not a mountain at all
But a gentle slope leading home

There are mountains towering ahead
He says to me”These are mine”
“Hold my hand you’ll be fine”

“The mountains are mine!”


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Please remember that you are eternally loved. There was no beginning and there will be no end to God’s love for you!

Debbie L. Mayer


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