Part 2: The Mayer’s family Story when their daughters were killed in a car crash  (26 minutes)

How do you make it through each day when you suffer the loss of a child?  How do you carry on with life when the ache inside for what has been taken seems completely overwhelming? Joe and Debbie Mayer have experienced indescribable pain, the kind that raises serious questions about God and life. No one is exempt from disappointment and pain. But few of us will feel the crushing grief that comes with losing three daughters. Whatever level of heartache you’ve been through, you’ll find hope and inspiration in Joe and Debbie’s story. -Hosted by Joe Stowell 

Part 1: The Backstrom’s Family’s Story when their three sons were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. (20 minutes)

Extended Interviews with both couples together and friends of the kids (60 min.)

Produced by Days of Discovery.  RELEASED: 2008

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