This post is a sequel to my post entitled: In Clear View, in which I talked about my daughter Krista’s pursuit of purpose for her life. She realized that to find that, she needed to seek the Lord and follow His ways. Jesus tells us this very truth in Matthew 6:33 where He instructs us to seek Him first.  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Krista was also aware of how a number of people in her life, young and old, looked up to her and it soon became apparent that she could not live simply for herself and was wrestling to find a Godly balance in all of that.

Consequently. we may know something to be true, but without a genuine surrender and relinquish of our control,  it’s next to impossible to walk it out. Hence, every believer inevitably comes to a crossroad where surrender is required in order to go forward in your walk with Jesus. In fact, while going forward, we encounter many places that require letting go and fresh surrender.

I believe this poem was one of those places of surrender for Krista. 

Somethings Happening in Me

Somethings happening in me, something deep within that eyes cannot see.
There comes a time in life that you just have to let go.
In this turning away and in this letting go
I’m leaning on you again, I’m loving my life again, I’m living my life for you again.

Here I am Lord, bowing at your throne,
Embracing all you are, and all you’ve ever done.
I can’t believe you died to save a wretch like me;
Giving me an opportunity to share this love with all I see.
You’ve given me responsibility and I plan to use all of my ability.

You’re opening my eyes and helping me realize;
by stirring up a hunger deep inside.
Each time I fall you pick me up and tell me I’m your own.
While I’m on bended knee you empower me to see the only life I have begins with you alone.

God give me wisdom, God give me strength,
Grant me understanding; overwhelm me with your grace.
God use my words as an instrument that brings glory to your name;
and each time doubt comes my way, remind me it’s all for your glory and fame.

I have also come to realize that it’s only in surrender to God’s love that I am truly healed and made free. In this letting go, I become free from the chains that prevent me from truly loving and serving God and others; which, I believe is the only antidote against the self-preservation that constantly knocks on my hurting, broken heart, endeavoring to prevent me from the abundant, eternal life God has freely given to us all.