Debbie’s CD/DVD called Eternity Calls was released in 2007. It has 15 songs, 13 of which she wrote before and after the accident, along with short clips of her three daughters singing as well. “Beautiful Departure” was written and performed by her son Joey for his youngest sister, Jessica, evoking heart-wrenching emotion which speaks of the Blessed Hope in Heaven. “How Beautiful” was written by a close friend and performed by two of the girl’s friends along with Debbie’s daughter-in-law Bree, depicting what it may have been like when the girls saw Jesus. The reflective lyrics and upbeat melodies will encourage you to live in light of eternity.

2 discs:  Disc 1 – Music CD.  Disc 2 – DVD of 2 music videos: “I Can Still See Your Face” and Joey’s song “Beautiful Departure”  and a short documentary of our story.

$10.00 + 3.00 = $13.00