My Daddy Loves Me!

Yes, Jesus loves me—the Bible tells me so!  You would often hear Jessica singing this throughout her day in her early years. She had an assurance of both her Daddy’s and her Savior’s love.

As God’s children, we are just that. Children.

We don’t have all the answers on this side of heaven. What we have is a God who reveals Himself, showing His glory through and in our lives as we experience His love and mercy to us. The bible tells us that: “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of his grace which he lavished upon us” (Ephesians 1:7).He chooses to have relationship with us to demonstrate His love in our lives as we enjoy our child/Father relationship with Him. As John Piper states, “God is most glorified, when we are most satisfied with Him.”

When Jess was around five years old, she wanted to make Joe a birthday book, so I helped her. It was about family but concentrated on Daddy. She pasted pictures we found of her and Joe in her handmade book. The captions read:

  • I love to cuddle with my Daddy.
  • I love to lay by my Daddy.
  • I love to be on my Daddy’s shoulders.
  • I like to be strong like my Daddy!
  • I love to golf with my Daddy!
  • I love it when Daddy pulls me on a sled!
  • I love my Daddy and He loves me!”


Jess had a strong relationship with her Daddy. Being with Joe brought her peace, joy, and security just as Jesus’ presence in my life does, if I spend time with Him.

Spurred on by something that had happened at school in third grade, Jessica asked me if God still loved us even when we didn’t show Him love back. I answered by reminding her about how she would greet Joe with a hug when he came home from work. She might say, “How was your day, Daddy?” Or “What did you do today, Daddy?” I reminded her how she would sometimes ask him what he was like as a little boy, what he enjoyed doing, and what his family life was like. She would tell him about her day, possibly about something she had learned. She loved sitting on his lap, jabbering on and on. She knew Daddy was always interested in what she had to say because he loved her. Sometimes she just sat on his lap and quietly enjoyed being with him. She knew that he loved being with her. Somehow just being in Daddy’s arms when she was sad, brought her peace.

I then explained how she could ignore him when he got home, never to climb on his lap and never to talk to him as if he wasn’t there. I assured her that He would still love her, she would still be his daughter, and always belong to him. He would still anticipate her company and enjoy even a simple look in His direction. Only she wouldn’t know much about him or be aware of how much he loved her, leaving her miserable and insecure in his love for her.

How can it be any different with us and our Heavenly Father? If we don’t spend time with Him, getting to know Him, aware of His presence; we too can become insecure and doubt His Love. We will be robbed of the peace that comes from knowing Him and enjoying His presence.

As much as I have wanted out of my grief in the last 13 years, I also recognized that my peace and safety were not dependent on getting over my pain and out of my valley. I know I will never stop missing my girls, but have found that my peace is only found in knowing that my Heavenly Father is with me and in control. He is my Sovereign God and His love is trustworthy.

I will always belong to Him. He is my Heavenly Father. I am His child.

My Daddy loves me! 

“How Great the Love the Father has lavished upon us that we should be called the children of God” (1 John 3:1).





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